Friesen Press. 2014

When Mary Lou stirs up her brew, she spells trouble for the Dean of the Academy of Sophists: just one more problem when the future of the Academy is in jeopardy, faculty members vanish, an assistant causes a unique traffic jam, lab creatures escape, and a disenchanted junior professor tries to alter the Dean’s Gravity Quotient.

Rooted in ancient Greek culture, the Dean’s Academy of Sophists contributes to humanity in its own whacky way, using ancient practices similar to witchcraft, but with a scientific basis. Although Sophistry and witchcraft parted ways in the fifteenth century, the Dean must defend the Academy against those who see these goings-on as decidedly witchy--with hilarious results.
Mary Lou’s Brew is a humorous social and academic commentary for adults of all ages and is not to be taken seriously. It is written by a Yorkshire woman who knows her science and her brews.

Cover design by Shannon Lythgoe.

In 2015, Mary Lou's Brew won two Eric Hoffer finalist awards: the da Vinci Award for cover design and a Category Award.

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